1. One Time $25 Setup Fee for albums.

  2. One Time $7 Setup Fee for Singles

  3. No monthly or yearly fees.

We charge a one time setup fee of $25 for each album (1-15 tracks) submitted for digital distribution ($7 for singles) to cover the administrative cost, cover art processing and metadata delivery to each music store. After that, we pay you 90% of the profits received from the respective music stores like iTunes.

Long Track Notice
If you submit a single track album that has a track that exceeds 20 minutes in length, it is charged as a full album and you will be charged the standard $25 setup fee.
If you submit an album with multiple tracks that exceed 20 minutes in length, we charge an additional $5 per each track that exceeds 20 minutes in length.

How We Pay:
All payments for sales of your albums or tracks in the music stores are made via PayPal, the global leader in online payments or US Bank Check. There are no transaction fees when we send you your payments through PayPal (We pay the transaction fees). 

If you don't have a PayPal account yet, please sign up here. It's FREE PayPal.

In 2011 iNiMuzik implemented the YouTube Content ID System, which means that iNiMuzik users are able to make money from their YouTube tracks.

The content system scans the entire YouTube catalogue for iNiMuzik users’ tracks. YouTube then displays ads on these pages and iNiMuzik users get 85 % of the advertising income!

These are the advantages that iNiMuzik users get from YouTube